Who We Are

Association of Montenegrian Banks (AMB) is a non profit and non government organization with seat at Podgorica. Members of AMB are the banks that are registered under license of the Central Bank of Montenegro. As the non profit organization, AMB finances itself by the contributions of its members.


AMB was founded with purpose to improve business performances of its members, by organizing their cooperation with other banks, Montenegrian and foreign, and to provide representation and qualitative protection of joint interests of its members before the Central Bank of Montenegro, other competent State's and international administrations and authorities.
Positive cooperation has been established with ATTF - Luxembourgian Agency for Transfer of Financial Technologies, with respect to organizing of training of members' employees in the modern banking and financial services skills, which was followed by certifications of so achieved knowledge. In addition, good relations are achieved with Banking Institute of Warszawa.


Activities of the AMB are dominantly oriented to the standardization of local banking practice and equalisation of the same with the banking standards of the European Union. This goal is going to be achieved by strict compliance with the code of good business conduct and business moral, respectfully to establishing of the rules and patterns for the member-to-member communication, and communication of members with third parties as well.
AMB is performing its activities through the work of its bodies: Assembly, Managing Board, Secretary-general, Court of Honour and Arbitrage. For specific fields of interests respective experts boards are organized, as follows:

Organization of Assotiation of Montenegrin Banks


Menaging Board

Secretary - General

Administration Unit

Experts Boards

Our documents:

The Code of Business Conduct was passed in 2004, and it represent sum of general rules that are applicable to all banks in Montenegro, with sound respect for the freedom of banking market but with strong request any monopole and non-lawful concurrence to be avoided and thereto condemned.


Bratislav Pejaković


Nebojša Đoković, MEcon

Advisor for Economic Issues

Goran Radonjić, MSc

Advisor for International Cooperation and banking education

Marija Vučković

Businenss Secretary

AMB is a adjoined member of European Banking Federation of Brussels, enjoys privilege of a membership of Inter Balkan Forum of Banking Associations and member of International Banking Council (IBC). AMB is also a partner with ATTF from Luxembourg.