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Meeting with the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Montenegro

The formation of a Government that is focused on economic development is a positive signal for the business community and society as a whole. The banking sector will, as far as possible, support the government on the road to economic reforms, said representatives of the Association of Banks at a meeting with Prime Minister of Montenegro Milojko Spajić and Minister of Finance Novica Vuković.

At the meeting on 08.11.2023. held in the Government, the Prime Minister familiarized himself with the operations of banks in Montenegro with special emphasis on the existing business barriers which, as announced by the Association, do not contribute to the strengthening of mutual cooperation. Along these lines, it was assessed that “it is time to invest in trust” and the determination of the banking sector and the Government to be constructive partners in this regard was expressed.

“Prime Minister Spajić said that the Government will address the challenges with special attention and work dedicatedly to overcome them in order to improve the investment and business climate in Montenegro with full commitment to responsible fiscal management. The Prime Minister spoke about the plans for the next period, stressing that the Government will work on reducing current consumption and increasing capital investments, which create the conditions for long-term sustainable economic growth”, the Government announced.

At the meeting, it is added, there was talk of the possibilities for supporting the banking sector in the Government’s activities, and the expressed willingness to form a Council for relations with the business community as a platform for further cooperation and strengthening of the partnership between the economy and the state.

The meeting was attended by: AMB President Aleksa Lukić (Erste Bank), Tamas Kamarasi (CKB), Mladen Rabrenović (Zapad Bank), Martin Leberle (NLB), Tarik Telaćević (Prva Bank CG), Enesa Bektesi (Adriatic Bank), Christoph Schoen ( Addiko bank), Miloš Pavlović (Universal Capital bank), Esad Zaimović (Hipotekarna bank), Miloš Miketić (Lovćen bank) and Fatih Yilmaz and Mensur Markišić (Ziraat bank) as well as the Secretary General of the Association of Banks Bratislav Pejaković.