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20.11.2023. At the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, representatives of UBCG attended the awards ceremony by PKCG. The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Dr. Nina Drakić, congratulated the laureates and thanked President Milatović for supporting the awardees and the Chamber as a unique business association in its efforts to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the country.

Owners and managers of Montenegrin companies deserve the full respect of all members of our society. They are the ones who create new values ​​in the broadest sense of the word, and we must respect them as factors of the stability of the socio-economic system – said Drakić.

She pointed out that the year in which the laureates achieved notable results, as well as 2023, were full of challenges that burdened the world economy, but that despite this, Montenegro recorded positive trends and the highest real GDP growth rate in Europe for the second quarter.

The mentioned results of GDP growth should not be misleading, especially since for a long period of time we have shown an unwillingness to recognize inherent risks, the overcoming of which requires a serious approach and work, with the aim of raising the level of resilience of the domestic economy and improving protection mechanisms. If we want to achieve faster European economic results, we must implement structural and macroeconomic policy reforms – stated Drakić.

The economy is particularly concerned about the pronounced unpredictability of the business environment, which is significantly reflected in the pronounced decline in interest of domestic and foreign investors in investments.

There is an urgent need to restart economically productive capital investments, which contribute to the strengthening of the domestic economy. Creating predictable business conditions is a two-way street and the Chamber expects the new Government to be an active participant in that process – said Drakić.

She emphasizes that the economy is the main lever of development, without which there is neither a strong state nor a prosperous society. We believe that this is a strong enough argument that the required task of reforming the business environment must be realized synergistically – she stressed and announced the holding of the traditional annual meeting of businessmen with the Prime Minister and ministers.