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On the occasion of World Savings Day, on October 31, UBCG, in cooperation with commercial banks that are members of the Association of Banks of Montenegro, organizes the action “Savings Week”. World Savings Day is a day when we are reminded how important it is to have financial security in the form of savings and how important save for set goals. World Savings Day was established on October 31, 1924 in Milan, at the first International Congress of Savings Banks. Banks around the world and almost a century later, reward their most loyal depositors on this day and remind them how important financial security is. They emphasized the importance of saving for the individual but also for the development of humanity, the importance of fighting against every form of waste, as well as how important financial education is in schools.

In accordance with the previous, during this action, numerous educational activities are organized with the aim of spreading financial literacy and economic knowledge and skills among children and youth. On this occasion, representatives of the Association have already visited the Sutjeska Primary School in Podgorica, and then a lecture on the importance of savings, managing money, as well as the importance of financial inclusion, the history of money and banks – was held in Budva at the Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša Primary School. Lectures are planned for high school students, as well as students and the elderly population. Through the lecture, the association wants to bring closer what a bank is, what are its functions, how to save and what are the benefits of financial literacy, where the banks also provided appropriate gifts for all students who attend the lectures.

The program and annual action plans are prepared with the aim of encouraging all participants in financial education to work together towards the realization of the general goal of the program – to increase the level of financial literacy of the citizens of Montenegro, where the focus is not only on savings and banking products, but also on how to protect yourself from fraudulent activities. in the age of digitization that we live in. The basic message is that you should never share your personal data, passwords, or PIN over the phone, or by mail, or to unknown people who may present themselves at the door of the apartment as if they are from the bank, because banks never do that, but in the bank itself.