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25.10.2023. A round table was held at the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts entitled Montenegrin Finances and Internationalization. The opening speech was given by academician prof.dr. Veselin Vukotić, President of the Committee for Economy, Demography and Anthropology.

The participants of the round table were:

– Prof. Zoran Đikanović, professor at UDG, member of the Board

– Gojko Maksimović, MA, Hipotekarna banka, director of the Financial Markets Sector

– Nikola Pejović, MA, FINVEO Executive Director

– MSc Sanja Nikolić, University of Donja Gorica, High Performance Computing

The round table gave a qualitative insight into the effect of the internationalization of finance in Montenegro, citing the high trend of increasing the volume and value of transactions, both of banks developing investment banking and and financial organizations established in Montenegro. Digitization first occurs in finance, but it has a qualitative impact on both individuals, organizations and the state, which must be digitized, because the wave of application of new technologies opens up many challenges and opportunities.

A very attractive piece of information is that a super-fast computer is being developed at UDG with the help of European funds, which enables access to super-fast computers developed in Europe. Developing trends, the possibility of High Performance Computing/Artificial Intelligence and the preparation of personnel are some of the issues that were treated, with the message for those present that they have a free service in using this infrastructure for quality ideas that they want to develop for their organizations, citing examples from practices where optimized, digitized processes in agriculture, hydrometeorology, power industry and personal finance management.