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February 5 and 6, 2024. a two-day workshop was held on the occasion of the implementation of PSD2 in the Montenegrin banking system. Employees of all banks and representatives of the Central Bank of Montenegro were invited to the workshop.

The topics of the workshop are related to the modernization of the payment system in Montenegro, with a focus on the PSD2 regulation, but also the process of joining the SEPA area and the instant payment system, open banking and APIS, technical, legal and organizational preparation for application, etc. It is intended primarily for the private sector in Montenegro, i.e. traditional payment service providers and IT companies that plan to offer this type of service. The organizers of this event are the CBCG and the World Bank, with whose assistance very relevant lecturers have been provided who will share their experiences in the practical application of this part of the EU regulation with those interested either in person or online.