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Association of Banks of Montenegro in Global Money Week

Global Money Week is an annual planetary celebration, launched by Child’Youth Finance International (CYFI), with local and regional events and activities aimed at inspiring children and young people to learn about money, saving, creating livelihoods, employment and becoming entrepreneurs. This year’s European Money Week lasts from 20-26. March, in order to improve the level of financial literacy through financial education and enable children, young people and citizens to acquire financial competence, necessary in everyday private and business life. From year to year, the activities are thematically aligned with the current circumstances of the world economy. The motto of this year’s activities is “Plan your money, plant your future” and is focused on sustainability and raising individual awareness in the context of financial behavior towards the environment and society.

In general, educating children and young people about their social and economic rights and responsibilities is key to creating a generation of capable adults who can make wise decisions for their future.

It is important for children and youth to build smart savings habits from an early age in order to cultivate key money management skills for later in life. Developing skills for life, or receiving entrepreneurial training, supports children and young people to think responsibly about their future, career, to develop their preferences and improve in the areas they like, which will enable them to have a quality life, or to build their own business and develop their own career.

This year, the Association of Banks of Montenegro has strengthened its activities in this sense through lectures that will be held in schools and faculties of Montenegro, supporting the financial education of children and young people.