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Association of Montenegrin banks participated FEPG meeting on, 9 September 2021.

On the web meeting we are treated the process of updating membership databases of FEPG and wanted to take the opportunity to review the latest list of Financial Education Project Group members.


FEPG Meeting

Thursday, September 9th

Meeting Agenda


  1. 15.00-16.10: Updates from EBF
  • Announcement of new chairperson
  • FEPG membership (please review attached ‘FEPG members’ list in advance)
  • Workshop on 4th-5th November in Brussels
    • 3 or 4 work streams (e.g. Financial health, digital skills and inclusion, gender gap in financial educations, financial education for elderly, vulnerable populations).
  • European Money Week (21-27 March 2022)
    • Cooperation with the OECD and other organizations
  • European Money Quiz
    • European final (9-10 May 2022)
    • National finals coordination
    • Update on Kahoot
  1. 16.10-16.20: Presentation of ‘ABC of Economics’ by Czepczynski Family Foundation
  2. 16.20-16.30: Presentation of ‘Smart steps in finance’ by Gunnar Baldvinsson