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World Money Week

We have announced a week of money, we have done several workshops, and we hereby inform you that the Association of Banks of Montenegro has continued educational activities, which are not practiced only in this special week. As part of our activities on World Money Week, when events aimed at educating children, youth and adults are organized, emphasis our efforts in approaching financial issues are accessible to the public in an adequate way. Topics on money, savings, entrepreneurship and similar topics are covered through entertaining and interactive content. Students had the opportunity to hear lectures on the origin and development of money throughout history, the importance of savings, financial management, but also to gain basic knowledge about banks, financial institutions, digital money, inflation. This year, at the beginning of the money week, lectures were held at the “Slobodan Škerović” Gymnasium and the “Sutjeska” Elementary School in Podgorica. The children present, as well as the lecturers and the management of the school, also received special gifts from the commercial banks, members of UBCG. During the year, the Association will continue with financial inclusion and raising the level of financial literacy and knowledge through cooperation with UNICEF, and the planned activities will include more than 600 children in Montenegro.