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UNICEF Business Council Meeting – Action Plan for 2022

12.11.2021 with the participation of UBCG, UNICEF Business Council was held where the Draft Action Plan for 2022 was presented.

The Association of Montenegrin Banks supports all activities of UNICEF Montenegro, where it will consider opportunities for participation through the promotion of key messages, family-friendly policies and promote the Bebbo app application to its clients, through the distribution of prepared flyers or brochures at retail outlets.

We will provide professional assistance in improving the knowledge and skills of children and young people, in preparing the choice of profession and the needs of the labor market in the 21st century. Every year, UBCG promotes savings days on October 30-6. as well as money week or money days where children learn what money is, what we get by saving and the like. They visit primary, secondary schools and universities with an adapted dictionary and glossary for the age of the listeners.

The members of the Association, present in the Council, announced their participation in the Opportunity program, which provides adolescents with the opportunity to do an internship or internship in selected companies, accompanied by mentors or more experienced colleagues, lasting up to 2 weeks.