November 22, 2017

International Conference on Protection of Euro against Counterfeiting

International Conference “A Community strategy to protect the Euro in the Mediterranean Area” has started today in the hotel Hilton in Podgorica. The officials of the European Central Bank (ECB), European Commission and Europol, and representatives of the central banks and governments of the countries from Mediterranean area and representatives of the Italian Embassy in Montenegro will attend the Conference organised by Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and European Commission (EC) and supported by the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG). The Conference will be opened by Radoica Luburić, executive director of the CBCG, Vincenzo Del Monaco, Italian Ambassador in […]
October 26, 2017


Regular meeting of the International Banking Council was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. It gathers banking associations from Eastern and Southeast Europe. The main topic of the meeting was the banking and financial ombudsman and its role in the financial system of the member states. It was concluded that banking ombudsman is crucial in resolving disputes with clients and avoiding unnecessary lawsuits of the banks and clients. It was also mentioned that the experiences of the member states of the International Banking Council are different. In addition, the current situation of the banking systems of the member states was discussed as […]
October 13, 2017

Mutual Understanding Optimum as Progress Requirement – Workshop for Journalists

The Association of Montenegrin Banks organised, in cooperation with the European Development Fund for the SEE (EFSE Development Facility), a seminar for journalists dealing with economic and financial issues. The workshop was held on 13 October 2017 in the premises of the Banking Association in Podgorica. In general, the following topics were covered: Banking system in Montenegro Interest rates The functioning of banks During the workshop, the participants were introduced with the functioning of the banking sector, monetary policy and impact on economic trends, interest rates, operating costs and business risks, and how they reflected on the economy, etc. The […]
October 9, 2017

Banker No. 39

A new issue of the Banker magazine has been released. DOWNLOAD CONTENT >>>
October 4, 2017

45th Meeting of EBF Associate Members in Brussels

The representatives of the Association of Montenegrin Banks participated at the meeting of the European Banking Federation held on 27 and 28 September 2017. The situation in the banking sectors of the EBF members was presented, while the challenges and trends in operations were pointed out. The meeting covered the discussion of an increasing digitization trend paying special attention to FinTech, the presence of cybercrime and the damage it has been causing worldwide, which imposes the importance of the protection against this type of crime. Moreover, the meeting covered discussion on mobile payment and the development of new payment systems […]
September 14, 2017

Workshop on Implementation of FRS9 and CQR Approach of Audit Firm CRO Horvat

On 14 September 2017, the workshop on the implementation of IFRS 9 and Capital Quality Review was held and presented by the audit firm CEO Horvat from Belgrade. The workshop highlighted operational approach of the implementation. All banks started the process that needs to be implemented on 1 January 2018, whereby this workshop was the opportunity for them to confirm the accuracy of the approach through the interaction with the experts that implemented IFRS 9 in Austrian banks. The process consists of modelling, risk management, consistency and data recording, the manner of data treatment, in order to meet the expectations […]