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The meeting organised by the World Bank Group

23 February 2021

The UBCG Secretary General attended the meeting organised by the World Bank Group, where the main findings of the draft report Montenegro Systematic Country Diagnostic were presented.

The meeting was held to make consultations with the representatives of the private and financial sector and obtain feedback on the findings of the draft Report. The consultations focused on key changes since the first diagnostic report in 2015, and on key priorities that will enable the improvement of economic resilience and reduce the poverty, strengthen institutions, and improve natural resources management and climate resilience. The following are identified as the main challenges: strong volatility cycles, vulnerability on shocks and upheavals in social and economic progress.

Inputs obtained will be used as an important contribution to update the report, which will be used as a basis for developing new strategy of the World Bank Group (Country Partnership Framework). The objective is to produce report based on data on critical constrains of Montenegro to reduce poverty and inclusive growth.