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Presentation of Fiorano Company regarding PSD2

On the 15.Nov.2019. in Associatin of Montenegrin banks we had presentation of Fiorano Company regarding PSD2 with the sessions agenda as below:

  1. Fiorano Company & Platform introduction
    1. A brief on response of banks to PSD2 state of play across Europe
  2. APIs are just the tip of the ice-berg
  3. Comply vs. Compete. SWOT Analysis for Banks.
  4. A more long term view for traditional banks
  5. Banking Association’s viewpoint- as in What are your viewpoints regarding PSD2, How you are planning to approach angles like API standards, TPP identification, Bank-ID / Government ID for users etc.From Fiorano, the meeting attended by 1) Mr. Biju Suresh Babu, Head – Open Banking & PSD2 (Speaker) and 2) Mr. S.S. Tarak, Director – Business Development for EMEABriefing about Fiorano as a company- Founded in 1995, Silicon Valley based Fiorano is a USA (California) Corporation, a trusted provider of Digital Business Backplane and enterprise integration middleware, high performance messaging, PSD2 compliance and peer-to-peer distributed systems. Fiorano powers real time, digital enterprises with a bimodal integration and API Management strategy that leverages the best of systematic (centralized, high-control) and adaptive (federated, high-speed) approaches to deliver solutions across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. Till date Fiorano has completed over 600+ implementations across the globe.