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October 13, 2022. a meeting was held in the Association of Banks of Montenegro with Oksana Pak, recently appointed as the head of the Access to Finance and Entrepreneurship Pillar within the Gender and Economic Inclusion Team of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).   The meeting was also attended by Marija Risteska and Marija Dragojević, advisers on the project in Montenegro.

We have discussed the possibilities of overcoming barriers related to starting and improving businesses owned by women, which are related to: lack of money and favorable financing (crediting) models, lack of tax benefits in the first years of business, difficult access to information about the company registration process, inadequate level of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, lack of business contacts, own business space and support in dealing with financial institutions, lack of training for starting and developing a business, etc.

The association has expressed its willingness to work on the visibility of new opportunities in this segment with the support of technical cooperation.