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First online SWIFT User Group meeting was held via WebEx platform

The meeting, attended by the representatives from Montenegrin banks together with the representatives of banks from Serbia and North Macedonia, was invited by Regional SWIFT director Ms Maria Uzoykina. During three and a half hour session, experts from SWIFT gave the update on current projects and presented the activities already announced as well as the new projects, mainly technical ones. Covid19 pandemic affected the development of a number of current projects in the way that their deadlines, or some of the phases of these projects, had to be postponed for some time, while other projects have been ongoing as initially planned. Since the main goal of CSP project – Customer Security Program – is the implementation of security measures by which both SWIFT systems and whole IT system in banks are to be brought to the highest level, Covid19 has dictated some new meaures to be added to already given ones. Following CSP project, Montenegrin banks have performed all necessary testings of their systems by now. One more important topic, among other ones, was discussed – ISO 20022 standards implementation, which deadline has been postponed for one year, i.e. for November 2022.