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45th Meeting of EBF Associate Members in Brussels

The representatives of the Association of Montenegrin Banks participated at the meeting of the European Banking Federation held on 27 and 28 September 2017. The situation in the banking sectors of the EBF members was presented, while the challenges and trends in operations were pointed out. The meeting covered the discussion of an increasing digitization trend paying special attention to FinTech, the presence of cybercrime and the damage it has been causing worldwide, which imposes the importance of the protection against this type of crime. Moreover, the meeting covered discussion on mobile payment and the development of new payment systems where non-banking institutions have more aggressive approach. The importance of financial education was highlighted and the need to for better media presentation aimed at more realistic picture of financial operations. Special attention was paid to the status of the associations, their roles and their growing importance in the future, where monitoring and support is provided by the EBF. The EBF announced certain changes compared to current approach in order to have stronger approach and technical support that smaller members will benefit from.