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Meeting with representatives of the European Central Bank

15.02.2021 a meeting was held with representatives of the European Central Bank. Topics were current:

– What are the main impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the economy and the banks, and what’s your outlook for recovery?

– How have the authorities’ policy responses, particularly the financial sector support measures, affected your banks liquidity, bank capital, asset quality and lending to the real economy? What is the share of loans that have been affected in the first and the second moratorium? How do they differ by type of borrowers and bank sizes? How do you see the potential impact when support measures expire?

– How do you see the legal, judicial, and regulatory policy framework for quickly resolving non-performing loans (NPLs) that could increase as a result of the Covid-19 crisis impact?

Representatives of the ECB consider the positioning of banks, the financial system, the need for development to reach the level of adequacy of access to full EU membership in the future.