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Meeting with the OSCE representatives held

On 4 September 2018, the Association of Montenegrin Bank held a meeting with the OSCE representatives concerning the participation in the technical assistance programme in financial education. The meeting was attended by Andrea GRIFONI, analyst and Adele ATKINSON, senior analyst in the Financial Education and Consumer Protection Division of the Directorate for Financial Markets of the OSCE Secretariat, and the CBCG representatives.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) an its International Network for Financial Education (OECD/INFE) launched a technical assistance project for the financial education through the support of the Constituency Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Finance for period of five years (2018-2022). The project will include seven countries members of the Dutch Constituency Programme – Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Romania, and it will be implemented using the financial support of the Netherlands Ministry of Finance.

On the basis of the internationally recognised expertise of the OECD / INFE and their long-term dedication to the promotion of financial literacy worldwide, this five-year project of Technical Assistance aims to provide external guidance for drafting and implementing effective financial education initiatives in partner countries that are tailored to specific needs individual countries. Another goal of the project is the promotion of joint learning and exchange of knowledge among participating countries

Current activities of the Association were also discussed at the meeting and seminars regarding trainings of bankers and journalists, among others, were also mentioned. Moreover, the following activities of the Association in the area of financial education were also highlighted: publishing of the magazine the “Bankar” as an important channel of communication both with the public and the students, participation in the Money Week and the Savings Day. Further cooperation with regard to this project should emphasize the specificities of the Montenegrin society and accessibility to financial services.