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Regular meeting of the International Banking Council was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. It gathers banking associations from Eastern and Southeast Europe. The main topic of the meeting was the banking and financial ombudsman and its role in the financial system of the member states. It was concluded that banking ombudsman is crucial in resolving disputes with clients and avoiding unnecessary lawsuits of the banks and clients. It was also mentioned that the experiences of the member states of the International Banking Council are different. In addition, the current situation of the banking systems of the member states was discussed as well as the election of the new management of the International Banking Council. Finally, the topics and host of the following meeting that will be held in May 2018 was selected (Montenegro will be hosting this Forum for the first time). New magazine of the International Banking Council, “Vjesnik”, was presented. Bratislav Pejaković, Secretary General of the Association of Montenegrin Banks, will be a member of the editorial staff.