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44th meeting of associate members of the European Banking Federation (EBF) has been held today in Belgrade and it was chaired by Giovanni Sabatini, chair of the EBF. Bratislav Pejaković, Secretary General and Nebojša Đoković, advisors attended the meeting as the representatives of the Association of Montenegrin Banks. Wim Mijs, CEO of European Banking Federation, presented the strategy and main objectives of the further work of the EBF. Veroljub Dugalić, Secretary General of the Association of Serbian Banks (UBS), presented an overview of the most important indicators in the banking sector of Serbia in his role as a host, while Goran Pitić, chairman of UBS Board presented and overview of macroeconomic indicators. Representatives of the EBF discussed the following topics: EU future, Basel standards’ perspective and future, financial education. All round table participants presented the latest trends and situations in the banking systems of their respective countries. It has been agreed that the following meeting will be held in Brussels on 27 September.